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  • Ping Pong Star Crossed

    'Why should those of 60-plus use valet parking?' Inquired among my Christmas cracker mottos. 'where they park your car Since valets do not forget ' Life does catch on youpersonally, if my son beat me 3-0 despite the training session at table tennis as I found I had sneakily put in before we awakened. (From the Oakley household table tennis is not a gentle ping pong: it more closely resembles warfare to the death.) To the way the results was the other way around, even if just by a point a game, also to the inevitability of this ageing process, what really stung was his reference, visit: http://pingpongstart.com/

    Had poor Kauto Star known human speech he would have felt much the same after coming home third in the King George at Kempton Park last Saturday, 19 spans behind Long Run, the new kid on the block. 'Ah, well, there is an end to every thing that was fantastic,' a number of the 15,000 audiences around me said. 'What do you expect in the 11-year-old?' Said the others, or 'I'm glad I saw him in his prime.'
    Most of the 15,000, like me, had turned up hoping to find a horse who had already equalled Desert Orchid's list of four victories from the King George score a fifth successive win. But Kauto Star from a long way out Tony McCoy was working hard to help keep him and never traveled with his customary simplicity. He might well have completed second but to get a weary horse's blunder in the second-last but was never likely to conquer Long Run, whose amateur rider Sam Waley-Cohen had the six-year-old into a great rhythm and whose head was kept entirely at work with the guidance of a set of bright blue earplugs.


    In steeplechasing conditions, Long Run, although coming from France with a strong standing, is still a baby and yet he seemed to love every second of this race. Wisely, Sam Waley-Cohen had been told by his coach,'It isn't important where you are as long as you keep him relaxed'--and he couldn't have done that much better.

    After the race Kauto Star's coach Paul Nicholls was his usual honest, quantified self, hinting that he could not have been happier with his horse's prep and Kauto Star had simply been beaten by a better horse on the day. He added,'There's nothing different I can do. He has got older and possibly he is somewhat slower.'

    For me it is much, much too early to begin writing Kauto Star's racing game, especially so far as the Cheltenham Gold Cup is concerned. Yesbecause horses ages change on 1 January, he is a year older at 11. But we are just 1 year from the King George in which he scored one of the most comprehensive victories of all time, coming home over 30 lengths clear of a best ping pong table ping pong start quality field.

    Look, too, at the current fortunes of the Henderson and Nicholls yards. Both are Rolls-Royce establishments presided over by masters of the craft of preparing horses for races that are big. But even the best of lawns have days and good days, months that are great and months that are better. Sometimes, however well a trainer is doing matters, there can be some thing in the feed, the water, the general ambience of the yard that takes a 5 per cent advantage off the horses' performances. Paul Nicholls is as thorough and as thoughtful as ever but statisticians notice that his horses' wins-to-races ratio is currently behind what it had been when Kauto won his four King Georges.


    Nicky Henderson, meanwhile, is moving through a patch which encircles every shade of purple. About the nine-race card at Kempton, the supremo, who has a specific affinity with the Thames-side class, won no more than five races. After taking the lead to the William Hill juvenile 26, it might have been had a Media Luz capsized at the last. By a 7lb-claimer, Nicky could win with the cat ridden on present form.

    Yes, Kauto Star was as good as Paul Nicholls could get him on the afternoon. But, given the way was that attainable'good' as good as he has been in King Georges that is past? YesLong Run is a powerful prospect who has begun what might be a streak of victories in the King George a year earlier than Kauto Star did. However, the King George isn't the only major race from the calendar and, since Paul Nicholls reflected soon after Kauto's defeat, but it may well be that if he's a yard or two slower than he had been he might now be better suited by a tougher track. Extended Run, for all his promise best ping pong paddle ping pong start, has disappointed at Cheltenham. The 12-1 available following the King George odds of winning the Gold Cup back may yet prove to be the most generous offer of this year.

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